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 "Entre islas"

Malpais Arte Contemporáneo celebrates its first anniversary in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

For this special occasion, we have gathered different artistical proposals in dialogue with the islands.

Featuring artworks by Nuria del Pino, Romy Zangerle, Leti Moreno, Laura Domínguez, Cosimo Gottschall, Tbb, V. Banthe, Teresa Bandín Saura, Carmen García, Jesús Molina y Chelo M.

Nuria del Pino "Magma"


The artist Nuria del Pino presents Magma, a new series of paintings inspired by the island of La Palma.

The exhibition also shows a selection of artworks including different styles and key moments of Nuria´s career.

Paintings, sculptures and drawings will be part of this amazing new show.

"De estrellas y otros mundos"


An international collective exhibition showing different artistic proposals by artists Nuria del Pino, María Caro, Teresa Bandín Saura, Romy Zangerle (Luxembourg), Pedro Perdomo, Cosimo Gottschall (Germany) and Lotus (Shanghai).

A selection inspired by "The night of the stars" and the magical atmosphere of La Palma island.

Pedro Perdomo:
Paisaje y forma local


A solo exhibition showing the last artworks by the young Canarian artist Pedro Perdomo.

His colorful oil paintings take us to a universe of feelings such as calmness and introspection.

A creative proposal where human shape meets local landscapes.

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Cosimo Gottschall: "HumaNature"


The relationship between humans and nature is the central theme of the new series of paintings entitled "HumaNature" by German artist working in Fuerteventura Cosimo Gottschall.

An artist in his mid-twenties who mainly uses black Indian ink and coloured watercolour ink to bring motifs to life in his own unique, continuous line art style.

The three-week exhibition features a wide variety of works created since his stay on the island. On display, for example, are his interpretations of human cactus motifs, rock portraits and paintings in which humans and nature are one.

Romy Zangerle


Artist Romy Zangerle presents a selection of works that embrace various moments of her artistic career.

She uses different means of expression such as photography, collage, acrylic paint, Indian ink, charcoal and dry pastel.

She uses objects that she finds as well, such as torn posters and vintage newspapers that she collects during visits to different countries. By incorporating them to her artwork, she gives them a new life.

Her art is a call to the heart of every person to consider their position in relation to nature.

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